The Real Reasons You’re Not Getting a Job Offer

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Reason Number One: 

You think the interview is all about you.

The truth? It’s SO NOT about you. Well, it is… but in a different way. I’ll explain.

When was the last time a real live person sold you something? Say like, a car. Your salesperson likely took the time to assess what you really wanted and needed in a vehicle before seriously engaging with you. Let’s face it. Pointing you toward a Mazda Miata when you really need a family-size van won’t help them make a sale.

When we’re in job search mode we’re promoting a product, ourselves, to potential buyers. Employers are no different that the rest of us when we’re about to spend a wad of money. What compels us to purchase a certain car is our belief that it, above all others on the lot, will most closely meet our current needs. So we ask a lot of questions, do a lot of thinking and comparing.

Employers, too, ask a lot of questions. Those pesky interview questions, designed to reduce the risk that they’ll make the wrong choice and get a bad return on the thousands they spent recruiting, hiring, and training a new employee.  So, your task in an interview is to explain how spending time and money on you will be a good investment.  How will you help them solve their particular problems, meet their most pressing needs?

So, how do you show an employer WIIFT (What’s in it for Them)?

1) Read the job description closely, noting what the company desires and requires in candidates.

2) Find current information about its goals, challenges, and latest initiatives. Look online, and talk with people familiar with the organization or its industry, ideally present or former employees.

3) Reflect on what you have in your experience, skills, educational background that matches up to number one and two.

4) Share specific examples demonstrating your areas of match, during the interview.



NEXT TIME: Reason Number Two

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