Taking Action to Reach Your Goals, Dreams and Best Life

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Taking Action to Reach Your Goals, Dreams and Best Life

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!”

Are you ready to see your dreams turn into reality? Can you let go of fear and create the life you want? Did you know that with conviction, planning, and support from others anything is possible?

Before you say, “Come on, it’s not that simple,” I can assure you that on some days I question what I just wrote. Years ago, when The Secret swept the country, I was not convinced that simply envisioning reaching my goal could make it happen. But as a life and career coach, I’ve had the opportunity to witness some pretty extraordinary accomplishments by my clients.

Taking action is the key

Here’s a bit of truth: when we begin moving toward our heartfelt goals with enthusiasm, even the slightest bit, the Universe begins moving toward us. The wheels of progress begin turning, once we show commitment to our goal. And committing is a much more powerful way of living, than waiting around and hoping.

No matter what you want to achieve, whether it’s a new house or a new job, it requires choice, action, and hard work from you (especially the hard work!). Choosing behaviors that support your dream, (as well as positive emotions and thoughts) can create amazing results. When you live your commitment, new opportunities will begin showing up, like they did with my client Lora.

True story about making it happen

For many years, Lora fantasized about finding and purchasing her dream home – a fixer-upper where she could use her talent for creating beautiful spaces. But every time she dreamed about it, she felt discouraged and overwhelmed by her financial constraints and the houseful of items that would have to be moved.

Her interest in reading and home decorating had made her current home a warehouse of books and extra furniture. No use thinking about a new house, not possible any time in the near future. When we met in 2013, I encouraged her to think about what steps, even tiny ones, she could take toward her goal.

She began selling items she didn’t want to take to a new home at a local consignment shop. Doing so gave her the opportunity to make extra money and pay off some debts, while getting rid of stuff she didn’t need. Even so, she continued to experience doubt about her ability to realize her dream.

After a year of consigning and careful financial planning, her finances improved.  Even though she still considered owning a new home as a “someday, maybe” goal, in July 2014 she was tired of waiting. Why not begin in earnest taking steps and see what happens? I’ve got nothing to lose. So Lora committed to obtaining her dream house within two years. But, how will I ever find something I can afford, in the area I want to live in?

On a hot day in July 2014, we resumed the brainstorming. Even with no affordable prospects in sight, what actions, large or small, could she take to support her desire and invite help from the Universe?

taking action

 Every step led her towards her goal

In November 2015, Lora moved into her dream home in the exact neighborhood she desired. Six months ahead of schedule! Here’s how it went down:

  • Immediately after our session, Lora reserved a self-storage unit and met with a real estate agent friend to get her current home show ready.
  • She started selling, donating or trashing items that she didn’t want to take to her new home.
  • She began reviewing real estate websites for fixer upper possibilities, requesting daily email updates on properties.
  • Twice a week, she recorded and listened to affirmations of what she wanted and how she would feel when she achieved it.
  • She connected with two friends who had recently created a house-flipping business and asked for their help in finding her fixer-upper. (Side note: John, one of the friends, had recently established some intentions of his own, to increase his business, and to establish stronger friendships.)
  • For six months, she and her friends looked at houses in all locations. They saw many that were WRONG. But Lora used her disappointment to fuel her commitment to finding the right one.
  • In October 2014, one of the house-flipper friends learned that he needed a bone marrow transplant. This news cemented his desire to keep living. So HE began to ramp up his activity on finding a home for Lora. The day before he was to go for the transplant he found Lora’s fixer-upper. It needed a few things to make it livable: to be moved 30 feet back from the busy road and a few rooms added on. But it would work. Best of all, it was located in Lora’s desired neighborhood.

Construction began on the house in February 2015, seven months after she reserved her self-storage unit. Other serendipitous events helped Lora reach her goal: a designer friend who was clearing out her inventory gifted her light fixtures. And her house-flipper friends offered her free construction materials from other houses they were refurbishing.

With commitment her vision became reality

Not long after she moved in, Lora found a vision board that she had created 15 years earlier. In the middle of the board was an image of a house on wheels, preparing to be moved. Lora had drawn an arrow to the woman standing in front of the house and written “Lora” underneath the photograph.

Your takeaways

  • Whatever you want, choose at least one action toward that dream every single day. Risk leaving the familiar to take one small step in supporting your goals, even if it takes more time than you think to achieve them.
  • To stay encouraged, use your daily planner or calendar to make daily notes about what choices you have made to support your dream. If your dream is true, this should be a pleasure and keep you motivated. Also, stay in touch with people who support you in attaining your goal.

Bottom line: start taking action. The movement will either create serendipitous events, or you will discover you really want something else and move in a different direction. Either way, it’s hard to steer a parked car, so get moving!

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