Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Do you feel stuck? Is your current job making you miserable? Do you need a career change or just a job change?

These are just a few of the many areas professional career coaching can help you address. Through one-on-one personalized coaching, you will create definable goals and action steps and experience forward movement with built-in accountability. The result is a natural ability to realize the future that you want. Let’s work together to help you uncover the next step in your career path. You already have many of the answers within you.

The Next Step Career Coaching offers distance coaching by telephone or Zoom.

Next Best Step Logo IconThe Process for Direction Seekers:

For people who want to change career direction or those re-entering the workforce. Though there is variance according to each client’s unique situation, the sessions typically go in the following order:

  1.  Initial Meeting: A get-to-know-you session: Who are you? What are your goals and values? What do you want out of the coaching process? May include the use of assessment tools.
  2. Assessment Results Interpretation: We review the results of the assessment tools. What did you learn? What career paths will you explore based on our findings?
  3. Exploration of Options: We explore career options based on the results of your assessments.
  4. Decision Making: We review your findings and fine-tune your long and short-term goals, creating an action plan to get you moving in a new direction.

Next Best Step Logo IconThe Process for Job Seekers:

For professionals seeking employment or those who may be re-entering the workforce. Though the number of sessions varies based on each client’s needs, they typically include the following:

  1. Initial Meeting: A get-to-know-you session: Who are you? What is your professional background and experience? What are your job targets?
  2. Job Search Strategies: We review and plan job search strategies for your individual targets and goals.
  3. Resume Writing, Self-Marketing Materials: (including LinkedIn) We create your resume and LinkedIn profile to create a dynamic, compelling story.
  4. Interviewing Skills: Getting the interview is just the first step. We will sharpen your interview skills through role-playing so that you will walk into the interview confident and self-assured.

“I sought out Carolyn’s services as a young professional unsure of what I wanted my next career move to be. Carolyn’s services and guidance helped me gain an understanding of what career fields I would most enjoy and succeed in. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Carolyn and would definitely recommend her to others.” 

D.D. Marketing Associate, Charlotte, NC