Why Olympians (and Job Seekers) Need Coaches

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If you’re like me, you’re binge watching the Olympics. But the Summer Games only come around every four years, and I’m hooked on the drama. My favorite event is gymnastics. I’m amazed by the power, balance, and sheer guts the gymnasts display as they flip, spin, and soar. No matter the event, though, I love watching the athletes go all out for their dreams. I love watching the parents in the stands, cheering or wincing with each move. Then there are the coaches. They’re always in the background, but they’ve been guiding, inspiring, teaching, and training these athletes to get to this moment


That’s what career coaches do, too. Here are five basics ways career coaches can help you win.


  1. We help clients get where they want to go. For some people that means changing careers and going for a whole new dream. I can help you figure out what that dream is and develop a plan to get there.
  2. We help job searchers make the team. To compete, athletes first have to make the team. Likewise, job searchers need to land the job they want. I can help you find and land the job you want.
  3. We help clients achieve gold medal success. Once you land the job, a career coach can help you achieve extraordinary success. I can help you create a plan and coach you on specific skills to make that success happen.
  4. We help clients stay motivated and accountable. It’s easy to get discouraged when you are working towards a challenging goal. Just like athletes, career changers and job searchers benefit from a coach who keeps them motivated by focusing on short-term goals.
  5. We work on specific skills. Sometimes athletes need specialized coaching on a specific skill, such as making the best turns in the pool. You might need coaching in a specific area, such as resume writing or interviewing or networking. I can help you perform better with those skills.


So what does your career gold medal look like? Where would you like to be in your career when the 2020 Summer Games roll around? If you need a coach to help you get there, let’s talk. I love helping people define their goals and make their dreams a reality.


In the meantime, enjoy the Summer Games and watching these incredible athletes go for the gold.

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