Beyond the Lab: Career Options for Science Geeks

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Sixty-percent of the United States’ fastest growing occupations are scientific in nature (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Fastest Growing Occupations, 2014-2024). Yes, we need researchers to advance science and develop new products, and healthcare professionals to improve health for all people. But what if neither of those options appeals to you?  Take a look at the many ways you can put your knowledge to work. Science education Share your love of science with children, college students, and the general public through teaching in schools, colleges, science museums, and professional...

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Don’t Waste that College Tuition: Tips for Parents to Help College Students Succeed

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 The weather is starting to cool off, the holidays are around the corner, and students must make some crucial choices — it’s that time of year again: college or academic major decision-making. For parents of college students, this time of year can bring new concerns: What is the right major for my student? How long will it take for my student to finish? Will she be able to find a job after graduation? With the high cost of college tuition, these concerns by parents (and students!) are not unfounded. A May 2015 poll conducted by AfterCollege showed that just 14 percent of college...

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Why Olympians (and Job Seekers) Need Coaches

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  If you’re like me, you’re binge watching the Olympics. But the Summer Games only come around every four years, and I’m hooked on the drama. My favorite event is gymnastics. I’m amazed by the power, balance, and sheer guts the gymnasts display as they flip, spin, and soar. No matter the event, though, I love watching the athletes go all out for their dreams. I love watching the parents in the stands, cheering or wincing with each move. Then there are the coaches. They’re always in the background, but they’ve been guiding, inspiring, teaching, and training...

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Six Things You Can Expect From Career Coaching

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Thinking of hiring a career coach, but not sure what to expect? A comprehensive

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