Read Carolyn’s Career Coaching Reviews:

“Before working with Carolyn, I had little confidence that I would be able to get a job. After working with Carolyn, not only did she help create an impressive resume, she restored my confidence in myself. I landed a job within a few weeks after posting my resume online. I am excited to start a new chapter in my career and am grateful for her guidance and support.”

W.M., Accounting Professional, Houston, TX


“I had a very broad idea of wanting to change professions with no real plan in place. I gained valuable direction. Highly HIGHLY recommend.”

C.G., U.S. Government, Winston-Salem, NC


“Carolyn is the total package. Through her caring and knowledgeable approach, I gained invaluable insights which helped clarify my goals and dreams. Her practical advice provided the tools I needed in order to begin creating the life I want. I have just begun my new journey and I have hope for the future. I highly recommend Carolyn to anyone who feels stuck in their current job and would like to make a change.”

J.H., Musician, Winston-Salem, NC


“Before working with Carolyn, I was at an impasse in my career. Carolyn gave me suggestions, strategies, and materials that helped me gain a competitive edge in my target job market. Eventually, this led to a meaningful employment opportunity in a new field. I am thrilled to be starting another chapter in my career and couldn’t have done it without Carolyn’s help.”

A.B., Grant Writer, Litchfield, CT


“Carolyn gave me back my confidence. I had been out of work for over six months and had lost all hope of ever getting back into the professional world. After an hour with Carolyn, I knew it was a matter of days, not months, that I would be working again.”

B.N., Accounting Professional, Winston-Salem, NC


“I want to thank you for the outstanding work you completed on my resume, Linkedin profile, accomplishments, and the experience I bring to my employers and clients. Your review and edits proved comprehensive, informative, and concise.  My friends and colleagues agree that you clearly defined what I have done, as well as who I am as a professional.  Not an easy thing to do. It takes a skill set and objectivity too often lacking when trying to explain or promote ourselves. I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of your talents and assistance.”

J.R., Consultant, Lexington, KY


“Before, I struggled with time management and planning. By working with you, I was able to stay task-oriented and focused on my goal. Most importantly, you helped me define clear and accomplishable goals each week, resulting in acceptance to my dream school!”         

S.A., Public Policy Graduate Student, New York, NY


“Carolyn Couch offers the most comprehensive approach to preparing for a job interview that I have encountered during my professional career. Carolyn’s interview coaching services helped me to confidently and effectively speak to my strengths during interviews. With Carolyn’s guidance in mind, I have landed two (2) highly-coveted professional positions in twelve (12) months!”

M.R., Logistics, Winston-Salem, NC


“After many years in one industry I decided to make a career change. I am grateful that Carolyn was with me every step of this journey. She led me to discover new things about myself and the types of opportunities that would be suitable for my personality and skills. Carolyn listened to my experiences and asked the right questions to determine my next steps. In addition she guided me through the development of a resume that demonstrated my experience and skills for desired career options. Most importantly Carolyn taught me that there are always options on your career path. I have recommended Carolyn to anyone looking to take the next step in their career.”

A.C., Former Educator, Winston-Salem, NC


“My career had stalled.  I read many career self-help books, and they all paled in comparison to the individualized approach that Carolyn provided. Her services are worth every penny, and hiring her as my career coach is one of the best career decisions I have made… I am positive she will have the same impact on your life!”

R.S., U.S. Government, Winston-Salem, NC


“Carolyn’s advice took my resume to the next level, enabling me to effectively market my niche work experience outside the tech sector to employers within it. I now work in a senior role at a growing dot-com.”

B.M., Business Strategist, Norfolk, VA


“You stopped a cycle of hopelessness. By focusing on my aptitudes and values, I am no longer trying to force myself into jobs I don’t want!  The assessment was so very helpful in learning about my strengths. Now I have the words to describe them to potential employers and the information to make career decisions most satisfying to me.”

A.J., Writer, Winston Salem, NC


“I was looking for the ‘right job’ to launch my career after completing graduate school. Carolyn helped me craft my interviewing skills by assisting me in recognizing and aligning my past experiences into a compelling narrative, tailored specifically to the job I desired. Her approach gave me a whole new way to think about interviewing, to advance my career to the next level.”

K.B., Public Administration, New York, NY


“Before working with Carolyn I was adrift at work and unmotivated. Carolyn has helped me regain my focus, figure out what I want out of my job, and made me excited to be at work again. Thanks Carolyn!”

S.S., Higher Education Administrator, Arlington, VA


“Carolyn helped me get back on track by making me focus on what made me happy. My dreams of doing something bold with my life were not seen as unrealistic or unreasonable. On the contrary, Carolyn helped me craft a plan of action to make it happen while keeping an emphasis on my responsibilities as a father and husband. I would recommend Carolyn to anyone seeking to adjust their life path.”

J.C., Marketing and Advertising, Winston-Salem, NC


“Before I met with Carolyn, my situation was quite perplexing. I had been out of high school for two years and was still undecided in what career I wanted to pursue. Working with Carolyn helped me start the process to pave the way for a brighter future. I was able to identify goals and define what I wanted out of a career. My experience with Carolyn has been extraordinary. I would recommend anyone that is undecided to contact her and learn what their next step is!”

E.B., Student, Winston-Salem, NC


“Carolyn was able to do, in a few hours of coaching, what it would have taken me years to accomplish on my own. Working with Carolyn renewed my hope in dreams that I had put aside. It was also one of the most fun experiences that I’ve ever had!”

L.C., Minister, Raleigh, NC


“Carolyn Couch was a saving grace when I was a freshman worrying about my occupational place in the world. Because I came to her with a very blurry sense of what I wanted to do, she focused on helping me recognize and evaluate my skills and interests. Carolyn Couch gets good results. She is a very kind and personable professional, and I am so happy to have worked with her!” 

B.F., College Student, Lake Mary, Florida


“My position was eliminated unexpectedly after 25 years. I had never thought about a resume or how to ‘market’ myself and Carolyn was instrumental in helping me to understand my strengths, my passions in the workplace and how to document my career experience.  She coached me through mock interviews and provided fresh ideas for finding my new career path. Losing my high stress position proved to be a blessing in disguise.  I’m now happily employed in a position I LOVE.  I appreciate every minute Carolyn spent with me. She made the job hunting experience a positive one.

A.K., Market Analytics, Winston Salem, NC


“I found “The Next Step Career Coaching” to be more than I had hoped. Carolyn asks the correct questions so you get right to the heart of the matter, getting a job.  The help I received was enlightening and focused.  I would recommend Carolyn to anyone that has questions about their career.”

D.N., Sales Professional, Kernersville, NC


“I sought out Carolyn’s services as a young professional unsure of what I wanted my next career move to be. Carolyn’s services and guidance helped me gain an understanding of what career fields I would most enjoy and succeed in. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Carolyn and would definitely recommend her to others.” 

D.D., Marketing Associate, Charlotte, NC


“A true professional, with experience and compassion and as well as knowledge and skill, Carolyn Couch understands the larger landscape of work and life in both challenges and opportunities.  She also understands people. I recommend her without reservation. She will help you find your way.”

L.B., Business Development, Winston-Salem, NC


“It really does help to have someone ask you the RIGHT questions.”

M.V., Social Media Manager, Beaufort, SC


“Carolyn Couch was a godsend – she gently mentored me through a period of overwhelming career crisis and adeptly guided me on a step-by-step process of how to choose my next career move and then make it happen. I would highly recommend her sincere caring and non-judgmental approach to anyone wanting to make a measured change in their lifestyle and career.”

L.W., U.S. Government, Winston Salem, NC


“I was fired for the first time in my working career, which was very upsetting and created a lot of worry and fear. Carolyn helped me access confidence in my abilities that I often do not acknowledge. She was incredibly helpful, and the exercises were very applicable. I highly recommend her. Her services are well worth the money.

G.J., Burlington, NC